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How It Works

The Nexturn Home Automation Smart Kits provide flexible and secure platforms for your home. Our easy-to-use home automation kits allow you to centralize control, connect from anywhere and manage your home system. Nexturn Home Automation offers better home security and energy efficiency. It allows you to operating lighting, appliances and detect intruders when you're not around.

Nexturn delivers affordable home automation packages for convenience, safety and peace of mind. Here is a quick product overview.

ZigBee gateway  

The ZigBee Gateway is the hub to manage all the Nexturn home automation devices. Part of the ZigBee network, the gateway makes it easy to connect to Internet-based service provider systems. With the ZigBee Gateway, leverage your Nexturn smart home products between networks for easier monitoring, as well as cost and energy savings.

Wireless Switch  

The Nexturn Wireless Switch allows you to control your home’s lighting and even other devices connected through our home automation system. With no wires or batteries for power consumption, wireless switches help promote cost and energy savings. You can also use the Wireless Switch to operate the Nexturn Smart Bulb Converter.

Smart Plug  

With a Smart Plug, just place over your current plugs, and control your electronic products from anywhere. Create on/off schedules, use your smart phone or tablet to turn devices on or off through the Nexturn app, and have peace of mind while you’re away.

Smart Bulb Converter  

Even energy-efficient light bulbs can be smarter. The Nexturn Smart Bulb Converter turns any regular bulb into smart bulb. Use the Smart Bulb Converter with other Nexturn home automation devices to control brightness and energy throughout your home.

Door/Window sensor  

Nexturn’s Door and Window Sensors monitor your home’s doors and windows. It can automatically control lights and appliances throughout your house when doors open and close. When a door or window is opened, the Sensor will alert you on your smart phone or tablet through the Nexturn app.

Wi-Fi IP Camera  

Install Nexturn’s Wi-Fi IP Cameras to monitor your home in real-time. The camera’s motion sensor will notify you automatically when motion is detected in your home, so you will always know what’s happening in your house. You can view your camera remotely through the Nexturn app on any smart phone or tablet.