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Getting Started Guide

Simply follow the process below to get your home automation system setup.

Step 1: Unbox

Unpack your Nexturn Smart Kit. Keep in mind that the products are differ based on the package you purchased.

Step 2: Download Nexturn App

Go to Google Play or Apple App Store to get "Nexturn+" app, download and install it in your smart phone or tablet.

To connect and manage the Wi-Fi IP Camera, please download and install "Nexturn Cam" app on your smart phone or tablet.

Step 3: Register an Account

Run "Nexturn+" app, tap Register button and complete the form to create new Nexturn account. You will then receive a confirmation email. This confirmation step is required before you will be able to sign in to the app.

Step 4: Install ZigBee Gateway

To set up your smart gateway, you need to:
  1. Check that the internet access is available at your home
  2. Connect the attached power adapter to the smart gateway
  3. Connect the smart gateway to the router via an Ethernet cable
  4. Connect smart phone or tablet to the WiFi router, which has been connected with gateway. Sign in and follow the instruction on screen
  5. Push the "Reg" button to register gateway to network when prompted

Step 5: Add Devices

Run "Nexturn+" app, go to "Find Devices" page, then tap "Find Device" button. The devices will appear on the Found Device List. Select it and tap Register button.

Step 6: Manage & Control Your Devices

Smart kit devices will connect to ZigBee gateway automatically when you power them. You can easily manage devices from "Nexturn+" app by going to the dashboard page. You will see device status as well as turn on and off powered devices.